Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eternal Bliss

Eternal Bliss.....

I'll never stop dreaming, day dreaming and projecting my thoughts and dreams. I'll never stop inviting possibilities pounding their way in. To touch or tap into the limitless unbounded imagination of our dream factories deep within us all, positions us to crawl, step, walk, run, leap, fall, fly, crash and even collide into our darkest & most illuminating cognition causing us to live them. They cause completion, starvation, motivation, deprivation and just plain Ions!!!

So far, I have learned that It All, All It, is One (tied together) and what I needed when I needed (IT, One, and All) was always.

To have finally understood this concept is my road to eternal bliss.

The Dragon's Peanut

I have to share this with you.
This is a composition done by my niece Amanda. Wow, right?
This was a project assigned by her teacher in her art class in her high school. It is a close-up of a peanut.
This is what Amanda sees in a peanut. She also sees this being an eye of a reptile or maybe a dragon. I see it too. She told me that she got flak from her teacher because she didn't execute this correctly.
Why would one take steps backward? To fit one's molded idea? How offensive!
The existence of this piece and the meaning behind it explains in detail why I believe that art truly cannot be taught by another, only one's method.
I believe that Amanda greatly exceeds her art classes and that deep inside she knows it. She does not need instruction nor does she need to explain it.
This girl was creating (what I would consider) masterpieces before she was in middle school.

She gave this to me as a gift last week. I was floored and felt so special.

This has found a place in my living room.

I hope that one day she understands that it would be better suited in a museum along with her other magnificent works of art.

The Only Kind

Red Tulip - Perfect Love....

On It's Side

This piece was made right side up. This piece was intended as a recreation of another piece I made about 2 years ago that I never posted. I do not have the original piece in my possession.
It has a different background from it's original. When I tilted this on it's side, my mother told me that it looked as if it were an ocean wave enveloping the subject. I think she was right on.
I am posting this piece On It's Side.

Someone Found Them

This is another visionary creation. I have not posted this along with my other new posts because I needed to get a new battery for my camera to upload the pictures. However, I framed this one a month ago and it is hanging in my kitchen. A week ago, my mother, Tracey, made it a point of telling me how much she liked this piece. Not only did she tell me that she loved it, but she told me what type of flower it was and how it blew her mind that I remembered when I found this little bushel of flower living by itself in the woods near our home in Vermont. She remembered how she was a little worried that I had been investigating it when it was covered in black ants and that she did not want me around the insects covering the plant. What she said she learned later is that the black ants were essential in the flower blooming. They eat the wax encasing the bud.

This blew my mind.....


Sometimes I paint and sketch visions that come into my mind. They are pictures that I feel urged to express or maybe archive is a better word for what I am doing. The images, faces and shapes do not always make sense to me as I create them but I feel a great sense of release when I do this, much like opening a pressure valve.

This face like many other faces I have depicted in my blog, such as "The Prophet", "Mac" and "Abre" are the product of visions that I need to (push out) or (get out) of my mind.

Alot of my compositions are based on these.

Perhaps this will explain to you, the viewer, why the subject matter seems so extremely different. Sometimes the feed back I hear or read from others help me identify what these works mean to me.

I guess we are in this together, my friends.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This life...

Individually, we are but, many planets existing within a solar system living off of a planet existing in one solar system among many solar systems within just this one galaxy, upon many, many galaxies.

Imagine how silent is our cry, how many light years would it take to reach you?

Far out, mannnn!!!